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Do you know our 2013 Outstanding Service Award Recipients?

Updated September 17- Award Recipients Revealed!

HCoA presented 2 deserving individuals with Outstanding Service Awards at our AGM on September 13.

Here are a few clues to help you guess the identity of our first award recipient:

  • This individual has been seen socializing with Hollywood Stars on more than one occasion.
  • Organized, efficient, with a take-charge attitude, this go-getter knows how to get the job done!
  • This smiley volunteer really knows how to give the gift that keeps on giving!Congratulations to 2013 Outstanding Service Award Recipient Wendy Fries!

Answer (updated September 17)  Congratulations to Wendy Fries! HCoA presented Wendy with a 2013 Outstanding Service Award for her incredible efforts and work towards HCoA fundraising initiatives and special events. With Wendy’s assistance, alongside our special events committee and generous donors, HCoA proudly raised almost 25,000 in the last year! We are grateful for Wendy’s passion and dedication to HCoA.  Thank you Wendy!



Onto our next 2013 Outstanding Service Award Recipient… Can you guess who this is?

  • This tried and true volunteer has been with HCoA since the very beginning.
  • Multi-talented and able to multi-task, this hard-worker has done everything from cooking in the kitchen to cooking the books (not really!) to pretending to cook on stage.
  • You probably knew that she can talk, but did you know that she can sing?

Congratulations to Joan- 7-year HCoA volunteer, including "The Golden (C)Age, Income Tax Assessments, Information Displays, Special Events, Bookkeeping, Office Volunteers, to name a few!

Answer (updated September 17)  Congratulations to Joan Coultes! Joan was awarded with an Outstanding Service Award for her outstanding contributions to HCoA over the past 7 years. A familiar face, Joan has been a long-term donor of her time, energy and talents, to various HCoA projects and initiatives. Right now, we are grateful for Joan’s ongoing assistance in our office, helping Shelagh to stay organized and on top of things (not an easy task)! Thank you Joan!