Committee Against Abuse of Older Person (CAAOP)

Who We Are: The Committee Against Abuse of Older Persons (CAAOP), a committee of the Hamilton Council on Aging, is a network of over 20 community organizations, which has been providing education on elder abuse issues since 1985.  We are interested in advocacy, education and linking individuals to services that assist older adults at risk of being abused.  Our mandate is to strengthen the community’s ability to prevent, recognize and respond to the abuse of older persons.

What is Elder Abuse? The abuse of older persons is any action or inaction that causes harm to an older person. The abuser may be a family member, friend, neighbour, or care provider.

Signs of Elder Abuse

  • Suspicious or unexplained injuries
  • Poor hygeine, bedsores
  • Anxiety, depression, fear, isolation, confinement
  • Malnutrition or dehydration
  • Weight Loss or Misuse of Medication
  • Lack of food or other necessities

Forms of Abuse

Risk Factors

What do Victims of Abuse Need?

Preventing Abuse

Resources and Information