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Hamilton Seniors Isolation Impact Plan Evaluation Report

Since May 2016, with support from the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program, seven organizations in Hamilton collaborated to measurably reduce rates of seniors’ isolation in the population and to build our community’s capacity to identify, reach and connect isolated seniors and to prevent isolation in future. Guided by the Collective Impact Model for sustained community development and change, four overall population level goals were targeted: 20% of isolated seniors in Hamilton will have improved access to help and support; 10% will
participate more regularly in activities; 20% will feel more connected to people; and 10% will feel more valued by people. Please click here to read the Final Evaluation Report for the HSIIP Project, as of April, 2019.

Update: The Government of Canada granted an extension for the Hamilton Seniors’ Isolation Impact Plan (HSIIP) Project until Dec. 2019,  with a goal of enhancing program sustainability to build community for seniors in greater Hamilton. An update and report back to the community will be released at a large-scale public event in September, 2019 (details to be confirmed.) For more information, please contact us.