What We Do

Age-Friendly Hamilton

Introduction Hamilton’s Plan for an Age-Friendly City Age Friendly Hamilton Goals Age Friendly Tools…

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Age Friendly Resources

In 2014, while consulting for Hamilton’s Age Friendly Plan, we discovered that older…

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Improving Access for Seniors

Improving Access To Community Support Services for Seniors from Diverse Communities History…

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Hamilton Senior’s Social Isolation Project

Background The Hamilton Senior’s Social Isolation Project is a three-year project, funded…

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Committee Against Abuse of Older Person (CAAOP)

Who We Are What is Elder Abuse Signs of Elder Abuse Forms…

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What’s New

October 1 is the United Nations International Day of Older PersonsHamilton will join in celebrating seniors in our community with a free public event at Hamilton City Hall. The 2018 International Day of Older Persons will feature a series of keynote presentations, Seniors’ Information Fair – with up to 30 exhibits, light refreshments & prizes. The theme of Hamilton’s 2018 IDOP celebration is seniors’ health, well-being & quality of life.

Thank you for joining us to celebrate seniors in Hamilton. We hope to see you on Oct. 1 at the 2018 IDOP Event!

The 2018 IDOP Event is organized by: Greater Hamilton Chapter of the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada, Ontario Federation of Union Retirees, National Association of Federal Retirees-Hamilton Branch, Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees, Hamilton Health Coalition, Hamilton Council of Canadians, Hamilton and District Labour Council, United Way of Halton & Hamilton, City of Hamilton & Hamilton Council on Aging.


Click here to view the Age Friendly Hamilton Annual Report

You’re Never Too Old: Portraits of Aging

Age Friendly Hamilton: Community Resource Directory for Older Adults

Information Hamilton, in partnership with HCoA & Age Friendly Hamilton (City of Hamilton) is proud to release the 1st Edition of this Community Resource Guide to help older adults in Hamilton connect to their communities! Download your copy of the 2017 Age Friendly Hamilton Community Resource Directory for Older Adults Here!


Please click here to access a copy of the Hamilton Council on Aging 10th Annual Report to the Community. Hard copies of this report in regular and large print formats can be obtained by calling Shelagh Kiely at 905-777-3837 ext. 12238 or emailing kielys@hhsc.ca

Purchase your HCoA 2017-2018 Membership. . . A great way that you can support HCoA and older adults in Hamilton for only $5 for individuals and $75 for organizations!

HCoA 11th Annual General Meeting & Community Forum

HCoA 11th Annual General Meeting

Friday September 21, 2pm. to 4pm, St. Peter's Hospital Auditorium

Notice to Members: HCoA 11th Annual General Meeting & Community Forum

The membership of the Hamilton Council on Aging is asked to attend the 11th Annual General Meeting for the purposes of:

  • receiving and considering the report of the directors;
  • receiving and considering the report of the auditors;
  • electing directors;
  • approving ByLaw3 (Please see attachment.)
  • transacting such further and other business as may be properly brought before the meeting or any adjournment thereof.

Proxy votes shall not be permitted at the Annual General Meeting.


Please RSVP BEFORE SEPTEMBER 14, 2018 online by following this link or by phoning Shelagh Kiely at 777-3837 ext. 12238.


The Hamilton Council on Aging (HCoA) promotes the social inclusion of ALL older adults by influencing attitudes, policies and programs in Hamilton. We envision an age friendly community that respects and values the contributions of seniors to all aspects of community life.


Details about the HCoA 11th Community Forum & Keynote Presentation, accompanying the AGM will be posted online by September 1, 2018.